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R. K. Dental Care is Kharagpur's most hi-tech and digitalis-ed dental clinic providing high quality & hi-tech dental care services at affordable prices.


RAJ KUMAR DENTAL CARE (“R. K. DENTAL CARE”) mission is “To improve the quality and accessibility of oral health care and education in KHARAGPUR and neighboring suburbs by providing dental education, affordable surgeries and treatments.”.


Bringing best in class dental treatment at affordable cost. Highest level of treatment standards . Partnering with our patients for preventive care . Strive for patient comfort . Transparency in our treatment and pricing. Utmost care in maintaining hygiene . Bringing new technology closer to our patients.


To reduce the incidence of dental disease, by providing dental education and treatments such as restorations, extractions and cleanings. As well as to provide aesthetic treatment in all dental forms to whosoever wishes and needs it.

Our Specialist

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